Over 50 Exquisite Central Virginia Historic Homes For Sale

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As of July 4th, 2022, we have over 37 exquisite historic homes for sale in Central Virginia. And we mean exquisite! Central Virginia is home to many of the finest historic homes in the country. I liken Central Virginia to the Dutchess County/Millbrook NY area. A few of these Central Virginia historic homes date back as far as 1730, and in every architectural style from primitive, 18th-century log cabins, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, and early Victorian. The primary architectural style in Central Virginia is Georgian and Greek Revival. Thomas Jefferson was a prolific builder and designer (and an avid follower of Palladio who specialized in the exquisite Italian Greek Revival style) and many of the finest historic homes in Central Virginia come from himself, his drawings/plans, and his students.

Before you begin your search look at your furniture. What period is it? Victorian furniture does not fit well in a Federal-style home and vice versa. Wherever there is verdant, rolling land you will always come across a charming historic home. Hey, these landowners had the first chance on Central Virginia land back in the mid-1700s and they always purchased the best they could afford. The richest men in Central Virginia were large owners and included King Carter (who amassed a huge amount of land from the Crown and went on to resell it to Washington’s (although Lord Fairfax was very generous with the land he did not want and gave George Washington first crack at buying it), Jefferson’s, Lewis’s, Clarks’, Dabney’s, Monroe’s, and Fry’s.

When you work with us, you will get over 45 years of historic home buying knowledge.  I have owned 8 historic homes since 1983 and live in a mid-18th century home in Albemarle County. As a reminder, a solid roof and foundation is a must, but then again you know that…and should walk away if it does not.

The first discussion we will have is about the location, location, location. I know the areas that will always be great investments and I know the ones you may never make a cent from.

So, if you are considering a move to Central Virginia then we will always have the finest historic homes for your viewing. With today’s COVID-19, many owners ask for 48 hours’ notice just an FYI. Areas we cover Albemarle, Augusta, Bath, Charlottesville, Culpeper, Fauquier, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Highlands, Lexington, Louisa, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock, Rockbridge, and Warrenton. The most expensive Central Virginia historic homes are in Albemarle, Fauquier, Orange, and Rappahannock Counties. Expect to pay $1m+ for a great historic property. (The more land the higher the price.) Median-priced homes are in Charlottesville, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Lexington, Louisa, Madison, and Warrenton (Charlottesville, Lexington, and Warrenton are cities and hardly ever offer a home with more than two acres). The most affordable Central Virginia historic homes for sale can be found in Augusta, Bath, Culpeper, Highlands, and Rockbridge Counties. Be sure to consider public and private schools, local cultural events, restaurants, and your surrounding neighbors (all of which together can make your life what you dreamed it would be. Ask me and I will be both blunt and frank. I only want the best for you! Thanks for reading, T

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